How do you find out whether your online-casino2 is legit? First, check if it has a valid licence or not. Most gamblers trust licenced gambling websites because the latter ate safe and follow all the rules.

Qualities of licenced casinos

These gambling websites don't cheat, and always pay your money on time. They list down all the rules and regulations on the website and are ready to clear all the doubts related to gambling, payments, etc.

  • While creating your casino account, always generate a strong password.

Receiving a gambling licence is not easy because you have to follow so many rules laid down by the government. You also have to ensure that no illegal financial activities happen on your platform.

Fairness and Trust

All legit casinos carry a seal of trust and fairness. This seal of approval is given by reputed, third party auditors like eCogra. This non-profit organization verifies the security and fairness of e-commerce sites and online casinos.

Millions of gamblers trust casinos that have been approved by eCogra or similar organizations. You can look up this seal in the bottom area of your casino homepage. Please continue reading this gambling guide.

Random Number Generators

There is minimum human intervention in the operations of any legit casino. When you play a slot, etc, that game is actually run by a Random Number Generator which is a virtual computer. Continue reading.

  • Legit casinos listen to their customers.

The results of Random Number Generators are always fair, unbiased and transparent. However, if you do not agree with these results, you can approach an independent disputes resolution body. You can reach this body via the casino homepage.

Online games information

Legit games always share vital information about their slots and other games. You can read information like slot RTP, volatility, number of paylines, presence of special symbols, house edge, etc. This data is important for winning your game.

The full form of RTP is Return to Player, and this metric indicates a given slot's profitability. Some slots are highly volatile, and they can make you very rich quickly. Please note that these variables are only indicators.

Do casinos really pay?

If online casinos didn't pay to their winners, the former would go out of business very soon. Nevertheless, at the time of signing up, you should read all the reviews of your online casino.

  • Never wager while using public Wi-Fi

To sum up, most licenced online casinos are legit, and you can play your games there safely. These websites follow all the rules laid down by the regulators. All the games of legit casinos are fair and transparent.